Can Calorie Shifting the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Way Work?

From THIS To This!! is the way Fat Loss 4 Idiots designed their diet plan.

It claims that with the use of calorie shifting you can lose weight without sacrificing various types of food, including fat, sugar and carbohydrates

It even claims that you won’t have to go on an extensive exercise plan with calorie shifting and you will still lose weight.

With so many different diet plans available right now, such claims are a little hard to believe.

So, will Calorie Shifting actually work?

In order to analyze the effects of calorie shifting in order to determine if the claims are correct, it is necessary to look at scientific research on the methods.

Nutritionists have long studied the way the body works, how it processes foods and how it stores fat.

After extensive studies, it is found that the body can naturally lose weight if proper foods are eaten in a well balanced diet.

There are two essential components to letting your body work naturally to lose weight.

First, you have to eat a balanced diet and not sacrifice any particular type of food.

Next you have to eat correct portion sizes.

This is a weight loss method that is proven effective.

However, Fat Loss 4 Idiots also takes this a step further.

Their meal plans include a balanced diet and explains how to use portion sizes to get the most efficient use of the body’s natural processes.

But, it also adds calories shifting into the mix. It changes when certain types of foods are eaten throughout the day for the whole plan.

This does not allow the body to get too used to a routine. The metabolism is then tricked into working over time.

Instead of storing fat or burning a minimal amount of calories, it burns the most possible calories over a longer period of time.

This will allow you to lose weight and have energy.

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