Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review: The Shocking Truth About Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Lose 9lbs In Next 11 Days

If you have been around for a while on the Internet, looking for an effective way to lose weight fast, you would surely have come across a highly successful and popular program, called the fat loss 4 idiots.

There are many positive fat loss 4 idiots reviews that I have decided to take a closer look at this program and attempt to discover what actually distinguish this program from the rest that is available out there.

Let’s look at some of the things I discovered about this revolutionary method of fat loss that is taking the weight loss industry by storm.

The Miracles of Calorie Shifting

The fat loss for idiots is based on a very important principle of fat burning known as the method.

So what is the calorie shifting and how does it relate to fat loss?

To understand how calorie cycling works, you need to look at how low calorie or high protein diets works.

In low calorie intake diet programs, you would expect to lose weight by reducing the amount of calories to a level that is way below what the body need daily to function well.

Thus it would begin looking for other alternative ways for its supply of energy.

It will turn to the stored fat.

While this would work in the short term, the whole mechanism would soon backfire on you after a period of time.

Your body is an intelligent life form. It has an inbuilt mechanism to help prevent it from starvation in order to survive. As soon as food intake is reduced, your body would go into a state of emergency and start to burn less fat than it usually would in an attempt to save itself form a possible famine in the near future.

Therefore even when you are actually cutting down on the amount of food you take in daily your body would not be losing weight or burn fat as much as you had hoped for due to this automatic survival mechanism.

So, as soon as you get back to eating normally again, your body would still be burning less fat than usual which would cause you to gain weight dramatically, sometimes even more than what you have burning during your weight loss program.

Calorie cycling as introduced in the attempt to remedy this situation by tricking your body into believing that food is available in abundance. So the system works by fluctuating the calorie from high to low calorie intake and then back to a high calorie diet the next day.

The pattern of high and low calorie intake over a period of weeks would serve to confuse your body.

Therefore it would still maintain its peak fat burning power even during those days you are eating less calorie than the recommended daily intake. These are the days when rapid fat burning occur as the body will be forced to look for other sources as energy.

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots program certainly has its advantages for anyone looking to lose fat fast.

There are no supplements or expensive machines to buy and you can start to see results in as little as eleven days.

On the other hand, this program doesn’t highlight the important of exercise, which is crucial for any form of enduring weight loss success.

Additionally, the lack of focus on the importance of a good exercise program would jeopardize the way you looked after losing all those weight. You’ll tend to have flabby muscles and sagging skin!

So use your common sense when following this program and try to inculcate some form of exercise as well.

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