Fat Loss 4 Idiots Reviews – What Actual Users Say.

Extremely Fast Weight Loss Program

is one of the most popular online diets, so there is no shortage of online user testimonials and reviews.

This article summarizes, and gives an honest overview of what the actual dieters themselves think of it.

Comments, testimonials and reviews are taken from reliable, impartial websites, such as forums, where visitors have no self-interest.

Feedback about the variety of foods has, in general, been pretty mixed.

Some found there to be plenty of choice, with comments like, “good ole fashioned turkey, chicken, fish, tuna, eggs, cottage cheese, fruits, vegetables, nuts and even the occasional hotdog, sandwich, hamburger and fat free Cool Whip thrown in for good measure”.

While other reviews said they did get bored after a while, with a typical comment like “The foods do get boring, but you have to be somewhat creative with it”.

So logically this seems to be a matter of taste and what you’re used to.

One of the main selling points of the diet is the claim that weight is reduced continuously and not just in the beginning like with most diets.

Dieters in general did find this to be the case, but as you might expect it varied from person to person.

Some pointed out that when they stalled, the discussion forum was a big help to get tips and advice from those who had been in the same situation.

Overall, Fat Loss 4 Idiots review showed that the methodology behind the diet () did definitely work and there were many examples of continuous weight loss.

As the name blatantly suggests, this is meant to be an easy diet to follow.

Compared to other diets it did seem relatively easy, but a number of dieters stated that willpower was still needed and results shouldn’t be taken for granted.

A typical comment was, “This is not for the casual dieter – you MUST stick to their plan for the entire 11 days.

As I told myself, you can do anything for 11 days if there’s a 3-day break at the end”.

That said, it was seen to be simple and nobody said they could not understand it or the reasoning behind it.

“It’s very simple – no complex science or wordy explanations.

Just some simple rules and 11 days of basic meal plans”.

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